Our history

Macedonia Congregational Church

Macedonia Congregational Church was founded by Rev Richard Williams.  He was originally connected with Primitive Methodist Church on Bourne St, Hollinwood in the days of cottage meetings and went on to become a local preacher.  He offered his services to the Congregational Church at Hollinwood (a large church on Manchester Road) where he became a lay pastor.  After completing his training at Manchester, a wealthy gentleman invited him to open a ‘cause’ at Middleton Road and another at Newton Heath.  But it was while walking over the fields from Hollinwood towards Newton Heath, he came to Holt Lane end and said “Here is no cause”.

On 4th Dec 1864 a rented cottage was obtained to hold services and a Sunday School and in January 1865 the school (called No 2 School) commenced and soon had 90 scholars on the books.  On that first Sunday the text was “Come over to Macedonia and help us” (Acts 16:9) and the name stuck.

The present building (Sunday School) was erected 1868/9.  Such was the success of the Church and Sunday School that it was extended in 1891 and again in 1895. 

In 1900 fundraising was commenced for a new church building near the main road and where the population was (around the Pole)  even though there were already several churches in that area.  Ashton Road East, at that time, was a poor road with not much lighting and a long trail to the school. 

In 1907 land was purchased for new Church between Roman Road and Ashton Road East (near Church Street)

New Congregational Church building opened in 1909
New Congregational Church building opened in 1909


and in November 1909 the new church opened providing a back gallery which seated 100, ground floor which seated 400, plus a meeting room for 60. 



Sadly, in the 1960s, the ‘new’ Church building had to be sold 

After the reopening and rededication in 1960.
After the reopening and rededication in 1960.



and all activity moved back to the original building on Ashton Road East. 

After a facelift in 2007
After a facelift in 2007



And there we remained until recently.



We are now back where we started on Holt Lane in a brand new building on the cricket ground, very close to the original cottages where the school/church was established all those years ago.



The United Reformed Church

Our Church is part of the United Reformed Church, which was formed in October 1972 by the union of the Congregational Church in England and Wales and the Presbyterian Church of England now also includes the Churches of Christ (1981) and the Congregational Union of Scotland (1997).

More information about the United Reformed Church can be found on its website.


There are a number of churches in Failsworth and the church leaders meet together for lunch bi-monthly to share news and to plan joint events.  Each of the churches brings something different to the Failsworth community and the leaders are committed to presenting the Gospel together wherever possible.  This has resulted in activities such as joint Carol Singing at Failsworth Pole, Good Friday prayer walks and Fun Days in Failsworth Park.  For a small church such as ours, having the support of other local churches makes a huge difference and we are very grateful.