bible-candle.jpg-for-web-smallPrayer is an important part of our church’s activities and of the lives of our congregation.  It is our way of listening to God, seeking his guidance, and bringing to God our worries and concerns for people and circumstances which are on our minds and also for sharing and thanking God for the happy times. 

If you would like to drop us an email (using the form below) of someone/something to include in our prayers we will be more than happy to receive them.  It would also be good, if you feel that prayer has been answered, to let us know that too.  There is nothing more likely to spur us on to greater efforts than receiving confirmation that an answer was received.

Just a word about privacy, we don’t need to know all the details or even the person’s full name, God has all the information needed – all we need to do is show we care enough to talk to God about it!  And we will not reply to your email unless you specifically ask us to.